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A national program

The ywca encore program is a national program that provides exercise, support and information for women who have experienced breast cancer at any stage of their lives.


ywca encore exercises

ywca encore provides a great stepping stone back into normal physical activity for those who were active prior to their breast cancer diagnosis, or the first step for those who were previously inactive. In 2013 a program update was implemented upon a program review by an exercise physiologist and lymphodema phsyiotherapist. The program update saw the inclusion of more aerobic exercises for the pool (gratuated to accommodate all fitness levels) and a re structure of the land exercises to increase effectiveness. 

The land based and water based exercises are designed to increase the level of flexibility and range of movement, minimise the risk of lymphoedema and improve overall fitness levels.

Over an eight week course, the exercises increase in difficulty and resistance to gradually bring about change. ywca encore  participants are also given take home exercises to encourage them to continue exercising during and after the 8-week program.

The ywca encore exercises were developed in conjunction with health professionals and the program is overseen by an advisory board of health professionals.


A supportive environment

ywca encore is more than an exercise program. ywca encore  provides the opportunity for women to share their experiences, concerns and feelings in a safe and supportive environment.


Who is the program suitable for?

To participate in the ywca encore program women need to be 8 weeks post breast surgery and receive medical approval from their medical practitioner (GP, oncologist or surgeon) before participating.

There is no cut off point after breast cancer surgery. Women who are 20 years past surgery will still receive physical and mental/emotional benefits from attending ywca encore.

Yoga For Women After Breast Cancer DVD

An integrated yoga practice hs been shown to be beneficial to women who have had treatment for Breast Cancer. This DVD produced by Annete Louden consists of two 1 hour lessons incorporating breathing techniques, postures and relaxation and concludes with a candle meditation. Variations of postures are incldued to cater for women with alltypes of health issues including lymphoedema. 

Cost: $25

To purchase please email your request to 


In the past 30 years approximately 10,000 women around Australia have completed the ywca encore program.

History of YWCA Encore


ywca encore was originally developed in the USA in the 1970s by a ballet teacher who had experienced breast cancer and saw the need to help other women with similar experiences to rebuild their physical and emotional strength. The program was set up and expanded through YWCA USA.

ywca encore came to Australia in 1983 and 2013 sees ywca encore celebrate 30 years in Australia. The ywca encore program also operates in New Zealand, Canada and Japan.






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